Arborjet Installs Solar Energy System

Arborjet's 60-kilowatt photovoltaic solar energy system will meet all of the facility's electricity needs.

Arborjet Solar Panel Installation 2014 1

Arborjet, a world leader in tree-injection technology, has installed a 60-kilowatt photovoltaic solar energy system that will meet all of its Woburn, MA, headquarters' electricity needs. The system is an array of more than 120 panels and inverters, each of which are American-made.

Total investment for the solar energy system exceeds $200,000.

This is an important step for Arborjet. The company says it is looking for LEED certification. It has already installed reduce-use water features and LED lighting, while also taking steps to streamline operations and become more efficient.

“We are strong believers in our responsibility to continue to reduce our carbon footprint. From the environmentally responsible products we produce, to the philanthropic efforts we put forth in our industry, and now our efforts to reduce the impact of our operations, Arborjet aims to lead the way when it comes to corporate responsibility,” said Russ Davis, president and chief operating officer of Arborjet. “This happens not because someone thought it would be cool; it’s part of our strategic plan. It’s part of our DNA.”

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