Pickel Landscape Group Joins LandOpt Contractor Network

Owner Michael Pickel aspires to now attain sound business structure through the LandOpt process.

Landenberg, PA-based Pickel Landscape Group has joined LandOpt, a national green industry contractor network, bringing to three the number of Powered by LandOpt contractors in Pennsylvania.

Owner Michael Pickel said he is looking forward to building a team of leaders and attaining a sound business structure through the LandOpt process. Hiring a sales professional to join Pickel Landscape Group is among his plans for growth.

Pickel Landscape Group designs and maintains outdoor spaces for the residents of southern Chester County, Pennsylvania, and northern Delaware.

The full-service landscape contracting company specializes in landscape design and build, lawn and bed maintenance, and landscape construction. Pickel has been self-employed since 2007. He also gained experience in the field by working for other landscape contractors, where he found his true passion for the art of landscaping.

A graduate of Pennsylvania States University’s landscape contracting program, Pickel has always been eager to advance his learning for the continuous evolution of his company. LandOpt is that next step and the way to continue learning, Pickel said.

“There has been no playbook,” he said. “Everything you do has a high risk. You might make a mistake that sets your company back years. LandOpt is going to help me achieve my vision and goals. They have the playbook.”

Pickel explained that he has watched LandOpt’s progress through the years. It was through this observation that he recognized the success that both seasoned and newer contractors in the industry were achieving by partnering with LandOpt.   

The biggest selling point was when he spoke to other Powered by LandOpt contractors. “Hearing how their lives have changed for the better from being in the LandOpt network and learning how their team members are growing into careers was what sealed it for me,” Pickel said about joining the network.

The continued growth of the LandOpt Network has an impact on the landscape services industry as it helps to set the standard for contractors nationwide via a business-focused approach and proactive, professional sales process. “We are proud and honored to have Pickel Landscape Group join the LandOpt Network,” said CEO Tim Smith.   “Michael Pickel has worked hard to establish a very successful company, and we look forward to providing the tools, systems and coaching that will elevate them to the next level.  PLG is a perfect complement to our existing network of contractors and we look forward to welcoming them to the fold.” 

Founded in 2007 by Michael Pickel, Pickel Landscape Group is a full-service Landenberg landscape company that designs and maintains outdoor spaces for the residents of southern Chester County, Pennsylvania, and northern Delaware. Pickel's philosophy of giving the client value and honesty has gone a long way and has created loyal customers as a company culture for team members to grow. Pickel Landscape Group’s mission is to enhance the quality of client’s homes by focusing on beauty and value.

Founded in 2004, LandOpt works with independently-owned landscape contractors across the U.S., helping them increase profitability, cash flow and revenue. The LandOpt system addresses all areas of a green industry business, including sales, operations, human resources and business management. On-site coaching ensures that LandOpt contractors achieve their financial goals. And, because of LandOpt’s whole-business approach, the contractors see improvement in overall productivity.