Online Tool Offers Advice on Software Selection

New interactive tool from Software Advice helps contractors compare appointment-scheduling software.

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Software Advice, which helps software buyers research and select software, has just released a new interactive tool that allows contractors and field service companies to compare and filter software specific to appointment scheduling.

This free tool helps buyers streamline the purchasing process, as it gives them a place to objectively analyze the software options available to them. Buyers can filter through the list of systems by:

  • Industry
  • Size
  • Price
  • Ratings
  • Platform (Mac OS, Windows or Linux)

The tool also allows business owners to filter by ‘deployment’, so they can choose whether they’d like to invest in an on-premise or cloud-based system. Software Advice included this option for buyers because, when purchasing a new system, it’s important that a business selects a system that meets all of their needs. For example, cloud-based systems have a low entry cost, are relatively quick to implement, but end up costing more over time due to reoccurring monthly fees. On-premise systems, on the other hand, require a larger upfront investment, but allow for greater customization and the ability to house all data in-house.

Appointment-scheduling software fills a growing need. Today, more small businesses are turning to software as the best way to manage and improve their operations. Many companies have realized that the only way to keep up with the competition is to put down the pen and paper, and do away with time-consuming spreadsheets. Instead, they are moving to modern software solutions that can help businesses automate scheduling processes for both customers and employees.

Among the many benefits, appointment-scheduling software has been shown to reduce the number of customer and employee no-shows, improve staff efficiency and drive revenue. Since most contractors and field service companies do not have an IT department, making the software selection process as easy as possible is one of the key goals of the free tool from Software Advice.