LMN Launches New Estimating Marketplace

Easier Estimating for landscapers, suppliers reach increased sales channels

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LMN, a B2B business management software company, has launched another tool to help bridge the gap between contractors and vendors. The LMN Estimating Marketplace helps landscaping contractors connect directly with a network of wholesale suppliers within a single, user-friendly digital platform.

Suppliers on the LMN Estimating Marketplace gain an audience of over 85,000 users while contractors enjoy a simpler, more efficient and cost-effective procurement process, according to LMN.

“The LMN Estimating Marketplace helps resolve the time and profitability challenges both landscaping contractors and suppliers face,” said Mark Bradley, co-founder and CEO of LMN. “Using this marketplace streamlines the estimating and bidding process for landscapers and brings visibility to vendors, helping them reach broader markets.”

According to LMNG, the Estimating Marketplace enables suppliers to showcase their product lineup to contractors by integrating with the LMN’s estimating platform. This direct connection to contractors helps suppliers save time typically spent finding customers, combating competitor pricing, and managing inventory.

Accurate, current pricing in the LMN Estimating Marketplace saves contractors time, ensuring they recover costs and stand to profit on every job they bid. Contractors can search thousands of products and materials, obtain up-to-date pricing, and build accurate estimates for customers inside the platform.

In 2019, over $3.5 billion of materials were estimated using LMN software by users. The launch of the Estimating Marketplace gives suppliers new opportunities to gain brand recognition, develop contractor relationships for repeat business, and increase profitability.