Plows Mean Business: Making Money on the Cold Streets of Winter

VIP Landscaping owner discusses how the company makes a profit and provides work for employees in the winter.
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Some use pickups with 8-foot plows; others drive six-wheel trucks with 10-foot blades; and then there are the monsters—big rigs costing well into six figures with a weight capacity of up to 80,000 pounds.

From driveways to highways, snowplow drivers make their money in the snow and ice.

Brett Bartelson, owner of VIP Landscaping in Worcester, Massachusetts, says every snowplowing business will make a profit if they are priced correctly and provide quality service.

“VIP Landscaping is making money this winter as we provide more than just snow removal services,” Bartelson says. “However, most weather events this winter have required sand and salt applications, which means most of the snow removal operators stay home. In a small family-run business, I always want to provide for my staff, who is my chosen family. Bring on the snow for them.”

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