Two New Boss Box Plows for 2012

8’4” and 10’4” plows for skid steer applications

Boss B8 Box Plow 10743126

New in 2012 for skid steer applications, The Boss Snowplow has added two more box plows to its growing box plow lineup. The B-8 (8’4”) and B-10 (10’4”) are designed to attach to any skid-steer vehicle using a universal coupler system for easy attachment. “This is a unique feature to these two models as it is unique to skid steers,” says Mark Klossner, marketing director for The Boss Snowplow.

Other features make these plows effective in skid steer applications.

Impact protection. The trip-edge design protects the plow and skid steer when obstacles are encountered, maximizing performance and protection from impact. Also, adjustable trip springs let the operator adjust trip-edge tension. “For anyone familiar with adjusting the tension on our trip-edge system, the process would be similar,” Klossner points out. “The process is fairly simple.”

Optimal scraping angle. To keep the blade on the ground at the optimal scraping angle while negotiating rough terrain, the B-8 and B-10 feature a built-in float and pivot system. This feature also makes the box plow easier to maneuver for less experienced operators. “The attachment system is basically hinged in such a way that allows the plow to pivot to adjust to the contours of the plowing surface,” Klossner explains. “This makes it easy for less-experienced drivers to put the cutting edge at the most efficient scraping angle.”

Unique design for extended operation. A unique bolt-on wing design helps keep these plows in extended operation for many years, according to the company. If a wing is bent because of impact, a new one can easily be bolted on. “These are the only models of box plows that we make with this feature,” Klossner says. “This is the main advantage. Most other manufacturers have a one-piece welded design in which the side plates and the moldboard are welded together. If an obstruction is hit hard enough, they can be bent. If they are bent enough, the plow’s cutting edge may not stay in contact with the ground, rendering the whole plow useless.”

Additionally, heavy-duty plow shoes are made of abrasion-resistant steel, providing wear resistance to keep the plow performing at its best. While this feature is also found on other Boss plows, Klossner says other manufacturers use varying grades of steel.

Finally, both the B-8 and B-10 feature the exclusive SmartShield finish to deliver durable corrosion protection and a long-lasting, high-gloss shine. “SmartShield is our proprietary plow finishing process which uses a zinc primer to ensure a long-lasting, glossy finish for a long time,” Klossner points out.