Military Father Now Plowing for Troops

After his stepson joined the Marines, Mark Forbach decided to serve, too, by volunteering for SnowCare for Troops.

Mark Forbach
Mark Forbach

Mark Forbach serves military families on the homefront as a volunteer for Project EverGreen’s SnowCare For Troops initiative, sponsored by THE BOSS Snowplow.

No one knows better than Mark Forbach, owner of Green Thumb Professional Services in Williamsville, NY, just how hard it is to have a family member deployed overseas. In the fall of 2010, his stepson, Sgt. Jesse W. Bieksza, went to serve in Afghanistan. “It was a real eye-opener for my family. We know firsthand the toll deployment can take on a family, especially the emotional one.”

As a way of easing that burden for others, Mark signed up as a volunteer for the SnowCare For Troops initiative managed by Project EverGreen and sponsored by THE BOSS Snowplow. SnowCare For Troops is a nationwide outreach program that recruits local snowplow professionals to provide free snow removal services for men and women who are serving their country away from home. “Doing a little extra work for someone facing hardship is easy for me to do. Giving back is how you make your business healthy. My son and his unit have our backs, the least I can do is have theirs.”

Mark’s desire to help was made even stronger after spotting a house in his hometown that had three service flags hanging in the window. Each flag represents a family member who’s in active duty overseas. “It was really overwhelming for me to see those three flags. I can’t imagine what that family is going through. All I wanted to do was knock on the door and thank them.” No doubt Mark will get his chance soon. We hope you’ll join him in giving back to the brave men and women of the US Armed Forces who are giving up so much for us.


  • Volunteer at
  • Loan snow removal equipment to a local volunteer
  • Donate money, transportation or gas cards
  • Refer a military family

To learn more about how to support SnowCare for Troops, visit or or call 1-888-611-2956.

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