PRODUCT REVIEW: Path-Pro Single-Stage Snowthrower from Ariens

Colorado contractor says they're lightweight and throw like crazy.

Ariens Path Pro Snowthrower 10976126

Dan Beekhuizen, president of Keesen Landscape Management in Englewood, CO (Denver area), has placed an order for 10 new snowthrowers. He's went with the Path-Pro Single-Stage Snowthrower from Ariens Company, new for the upcoming 2013-14 snow season.

Beekhuizen decided on the Path-Pro after demoing some late last winter. "My guys loved it," Beekhuizen says. One reason is because the Path-Pro is lighter than many of the single-stage units they've used in the past, making it ideal for one-man crews (i.e. lifting them in/out of a truck).

The Path-Pros can also throw like crazy, Beekhuizen says. "They went through snow, ice and hard pack like nothing. My guys were just totally impressed with it. So we're going to try 10 of them this coming winter, and we'll see how they do."

Keesen Landscape Management is in the commercial market. They service homeowner associations, medical centers, offices and industrial complexes. Snow crews use snowthrowers on sidewalks and steps, primarily. "The single-stage snowthrower, in many instances, allows us to go from three- to two-man crews," Beekhuizen says. "My guys don't get so beat up by shoveling, so they stay refreshed and get the work done much faster."

Because the Path-Pro tested so well in so many conditions, Beekhuizen has confidence in sending them out with his crews when the snow starts flying in a few months.

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