Certified Power Solutions Launches SnowPak Snow and Ice Removal Solution

Certified Power Solutions released its SnowPak solution.

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Certified Power Solutions

Certified Power Solutions launched SnowPak, its new snow and ice removal system specifically designed for commercial businesses and municipalities utilizing NTEA Class 3-6 trucks as part of their fleet. 

With a versatile base package design and optional features such as a multifunctional joystick and ground speed oriented spreader, drivers can easily tackle hoist, plow and spreader applications in one powerful solution, according to the company. 

“We’re excited to expand our snow and ice removal expertise to commercial businesses and municipalities that rely on one-ton trucks as a vital part of their operation," said Jeff Keating, president of CPS. "Traditionally, these fleets have lacked the tools they need to provide effective, efficient snow and ice removal. We're proud to offer SnowPak as a simple, yet effective way to help these organizations keep trucks plowing and spreading without compromising performance and reliability."

From Certified Power Solutions:

  • Fleet managers and business owners can effectively enable their one-ton fleet to clear roads and keep the public safe during snow events.
  • Maintenance and operations teams will benefit from less maintenance and lower material costs to increase productivity.
  • Drivers will stay focused on the road with simpler controls and a more ergonomic form factors.
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