Fisher Engineering Unveils Tempest Hopper Spreaders

Fisher Engineering showcased its newest line of hopper spreaders, called Tempest hopper spreaders.

Tempest Hopper Spreader
Tempest Hopper Spreader
Fisher Engineering
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Fisher Engineering showcased its newest line of hopper spreaders to dealers in early March at the 2023 NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Ind.

The Tempest can effectively dispense salt, sand or a salt/sand mix to safely maintain roads and surfaces. Durable and sleek, the Tempest hopper spreaders are constructed with riveted, corrosion-resistant stainless steel. An optimized hopper end cap angle moves more material through to the material delivery system for a consistent spread. Fleet owners now have the option of a pintle chain delivery system for thick, heavy de-icing materials or the all-new Helixx shaftless auger for precise rock salt application.

Tempst hopper spreaders will be available in the following capacities: 0.35 cubic yard, 0.7 cubic yard, 1.5 cubic yards, 2.2 cubic yards, 3.0 cubic yards, 4.0 cubic yards and 5.0 cubic yards.

  • 0.35-cubic-yard units are optimized for UTV applications.
  • 0.7-cubic-yard units are versatile, allowing use on large UTVs or pickup trucks. 
  • 1.5-cubic-yard through the 5.0 cu yd units are made for trucks from half-ton through large work trucks and flatbeds.

"We are now able to provide a Fisher stainless steel hopper spreader for any application a contractor can come across," said Pedar Steinquist, Fisher ice control product manager. "At Fisher Engineering, we strive to provide equipment that ensures safety and efficiency for our equipment users, and the Tempest is another great example of that promise."

The Tempest line also features an extended-chute design that provides positive material flow while preventing any leakage during transport. When equipped with the optional prewet system, the extended chute provides a chamber where the prewet liquid treats the rock salt for quick activation. The prewet system also provides direct liquid treatment as well. The chain delivery system models feature an all-new material spill-protector flap to safeguard against deicing material spillage near the vehicle cab.

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