Best Practices Checklist Offered for Snow and Ice Management

SIMA’s Best Practices Checklist offers guidance to snow pros and those looking to hire them.

The Snow & Ice Management Association’s (SIMA) best practices checklist is really taking off and being utilized by property and facility managers, says Martin Tirado, SIMA’s chief executive officer.

This tool can be used by anyone who is seeking to hire snow and ice management services, and by snow removal contractors themselves, to asses the various attributes that make up a professional, quality snow management operation. It is also valuable for insurance agents and underwriters when documenting the level of professionalism/sophistication of a snow removal company.

The checklist provides an easy-to-use checkbox format, one page in length, focusing on these eight core areas:

  • ​Safety, liability, and risk management
  • ​Estimating, planning, and cost effectiveness
  • ​Execution and responsiveness
  • ​Quality of service
  • ​Communication, documentation, and verification
  • ​Certification/standards of education
  • ​Expertise and professionalism