Quick Changeover for Businesses that Do Both Landscaping and Snow Removal

Landscapers are changing from a hardhat to a knit one when going from landscaping services to snow cleanup.

WIVB News 4
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Within just a few hours, Frank Spagnuolo was changing hats from a hardhat to a knit one as he went from doing landscaping and tree removal services to snow cleanup.

“Right now, this is the transition we’re in,” said Spagnuolo, the operations manager at Grabber and Sons Landscaping. “It’s slow but fast at the same time.”

His crews, which include eight drivers, are geared up ready to hit the roads to salt streets and clear snow. They have almost 300 contracts with different companies, private residence areas, etc. As the weather shifts to snow, so does their focus.

“Buffalo has their thing together when it comes time to snow and snow removal,” said the manager. “We know what we’re doing, but you can’t really plan for it. You just go with the flow.”

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