BrineXtreme Brine Maker

The BrineXtreme Brine Maker from Henderson Products

Henderson Brinextreme Ultimate 11505658

Iowa-based Henderson Products says snow professionals in need of an easy-to-manage brine maker capable of producing professional-grade salt brine and custom blends can look to its BrineXtreme Ultimate.

  • Continuous production up to 9,600 gallons per hour
  • Designed to easily handle treated or untreated rock salt
  • 5-cubic-yard-capacity salt hopper, expandable to 8 cubic yards
  • Blends brine with up to four additives and three micro ingredients
  • Variable fill rates (20-400 gallons per minute)
  • Fills up to three trucks simultaneously
  • 100% automation with intelligent software
  • Self-cleaning
  • Industrial-grade, stainless-steel construction and components
  • Storage tank-level monitoring
  • 10.4-inch LCD touch screen display
  • Remote access via LAN, cellular or WiFi

Henderson Products also offers a scaled-down brine maker that does not offer custom-blending capabilities, along with a mobile unit for use between satellite locations.

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