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Redesigned Snowrator offers improved dependability and reduces labor needs

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BOSS Products has re-engineered the Snowrator to maximize performance and reliability of the machine. The Snowrator deploys to plow and de-ice sidewalks and walkways, allowing the operator to brine, spread and plow at the same time to maximize on-the-job productivity and profitability. BOSS-designed features and improvements include the following:

  • 4' hydraulic snowplow with 20" polyethylene skin
  • Improved electrical and plow attachment systems that are more weather-resistant.
  • Responsive hydraulic lever turn control operations offer ease of maneuverability with zero turn radius and four-wheel drive for traction in any conditions.
  • Accepts all BOSS ATV plow accessories and common parts.
  • Pre-treatment and de-icing capabilities with a standard 20-gallon pre-treatment brine system, available optional auxiliary brine tank and two de-icing solid material spreaders. EXACT PATH 1.5 cubic foot drop spreader with a BOSS-exclusive salt chute precisely distributes salt at the optimum width and pattern, minimizing damage to turf while reducing salt contact with the plow attachment system.
  • LED worklights provide clear visibility on the job.
  • Available accessories for the Snowrator include a 20-gallon auxiliary tank, plow wing extensions, material carrying trays, broadcast spreader, plow box wings, shovel mounting brackets, EXACT PATH drop spreader, urethane cutting edge and 5-gallon bucket mounts.

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