Sustainability Front and Center at bauma 2022

This trend will likely continue into exhibits, presentations and conversations during CONEXPO-CON/AGG & IFPE in 2023.


Many conversations among exhibitors and attendees during bauma 2022 centered on sustainability. From connectivity to alternative fuels and electrification, sustainable operation has become a requirement in the off-highway industry to ensure decreased emissions, improved fuel efficiency and long equipment life. Several exhibitors at bauma also featured sustainable equipment during bauma.


This was especially true during our many conversations with the thought leaders from Caterpillar, many of whom participated in our October webinar, Sustainable Solutions. The full array of products were shared with us in a quick snapshot on Day 1 of bauma. Dustin Childers, global marketing manager for Caterpillar, gave us a tour in this video. The company had three main focuses during the event:Booth Day1The OEM Off-Highway and Caterpillar teams during bauma

  • Powering today
  • Extending lifecycles
  • Powering Today

In each focus area, sustainability was a priority. Technology heading into CONEXPO promise to have sustainability at their core.

RISE Robotics

To remove the hydraulic fluids in hydraulic systems, RISE Robotics has developed a fluid-free, “not” hydraulic cylinders. The technology helps support the battery-electrification of industrial equipment by delivering hydraulic-system-or-better performance at levels of efficiency previously available via some linear actuators. During the event, RISE Robotics and Danfoss Power Solutions took to social media to confirm their partnership, announced in May 2022. Lowering carbon emissions was one reason for this partnership.

RISE DanfossDanfoss Power Solutions LinkedIn post during baumaDanfoss Power Solutions“It’s an exciting opportunity to work with RISERobotics to accelerate the development of solutions that have the potential to create near-term, low-carbon options for our customers,” said Danfoss Power Solutions President Eric Alström.

Perkins Engines

During the event, the Perkins team discussed their full line of Stage 4 Final engines, which are dual certified to use diesel and biofuels, further reducing emissions. In addition, they launched their modular batteries during the event, another way the company is decreasing the carbon footprint of its components. Sustainable solutions were the focus of the exhibits during bauma.

Bosch Rexroth

Sustainability was also the focus of the technology exhibited at the Bosch Rexroth booth during bauma. From the bauma page on the company’s website: “Now is the time to take action if we are to leave future generations with a planet that is worth living on. Here at Bosch Rexroth, we are doing our bit to ensure that you are able to rise to this challenge.”

  • Among the components displayed were:
  • An automation system
  • Solutions for hybrid to full-electric machines

Software and hydraulic components for dynamically controlling travel and working hydraulics functions in compact machines in one hydraulic circuit

bauma a Preview for CONEXPO-CON/AGG

With much of the technology featured during bauma focused on energy efficiency, low emissions and sustainable operations, the European show may prove to be a preview of what’s to come during CONEXPO-CON/AGG and IFPE. Previews of technology to be exhibited in Las Vegas in March 2023 lean into similar sustainable equipment and components, and our team looks forward to learning more and sharing the info with you as the event date approaches.