Level Up Your Landscape Operations with Business Management Software

How to improve your landscape company by using business management software.

The Toro Co.

Owning and operating a lawn maintenance and landscaping business is complex. To do it successfully, it takes the right tools and resources. However, our research shows that 57 percent of contractors still use paper logbooks to manage their work.

Equipment tracking, enhanced customer communications and connecting crews can set you apart from the competition. We launched Horizon360 to make it possible.

Simple and effective

Making an impact doesn’t have to be complicated. Horizon360’s navigation makes it easy to locate the schedule, create a new job or import invoices into Quickbooks Online. It’s easy for your crew too with notifications for relevant new jobs and same-day schedule changes with no extra effort from you. Use Horizon360 to:

  • Manage employees, crew and equipment
  • Create and manage recurring jobs
  • Maintain customer information
  • Manage customer jobs
  • Schedule and assign work
  • Track completed and uncompleted work
  • Track crews and equipment
  • Analyze crew and asset productivity
  • Manage budgets
  • Track profitability
  • Calculate overhead at the customer, job and/or crew level
  • Automate invoicing       
  • Analyze finances
  • View and size potential customer properties remotely
  • Create estimates
  • Manage leads

Data that matters

Can you improve route scheduling, equipment or pricing structure? By looking at your data and insights in Horizon360, you can confidently make decisions that affect productivity, your bottom line and profit margins. You can also sync your customer, employee and expense data in Quickbooks Online with the click of a button.

Equipment and crew tracking

Track every piece of machinery that has a standard 12-volt battery, no matter the brand, with the easy-install tracking device for vehicles and equipment. See exactly when and how long equipment is used and how long the crew is on a specific job.

Cameron Duncan, owner of GrassMaster Lawn Service in Poplar Bluff, Mo., explains, "Our favorite feature of the Horizon360 app is the ability to track our equipment in real-time and clock in and out of job sites automatically. It allows us to see how long our equipment is sitting, how long it is working and how long we are spending between job sites."

Installing and using the tracking devices is easy and the data can make a noticeable difference in how the crew operates.

Preparation is key

Plan ahead for unexpected events, like a snowstorm or emergency repairs. Enter clients and locations in advance so when the time comes, assigning crew members to jobs with efficient routes gets them up and running as quickly as possible.

When weather days, snow removal, changes in service and other events happen, every minute impacts productivity. It’s simple to build efficient routes for jobs with no known date. These on-demand jobs can also be added to existing routes. Edit jobs and routes, and notify your team in real time.

Do the leg work in advance and you’ll make keeping your business schedule flexible and efficient look easy. The more prepared you are, the more satisfied customers you’ll have at the end of the day.

Access anywhere

The Horizon360 app allows the team to see schedules, important notifications and field notes. Horizon360 will automatically track jobs and turn them into invoices waiting for your approval. Job notes and proof-of-service photos can all be added to the invoice so you & your customers know exactly what happened on every job.

Support as needed

Should you have questions along the way, Toro team members are available to answer questions via chat, phone or email. Support and training is unlimited and free.

Take your operations to the next level while making things easier on yourself and your team with Horizon360.