Rotary Unveils Battery-Powered Sprayer Kits

Rotary released a new battery-powered sprayer kit.

Rotary Battery Powered Sprayers
Rotary Corp.
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Rotary has recently released its battery-powered sprayer kit, a 4-gallon backpack model that is lightweight for the user and is powered by an 18-volt lithium battery.

This sprayer kit can also spray up to 50 gallons on a full charge and includes comfort padded straps, stainless-steel wand and a built-in pressure switch that shuts off the motor to conserve battery life.

The sprayer kit also has:

  • The Smith 2-gallon handheld model has a 7.2-volt powered head and sprays up to 24 gallons per charge with consistent and continuous tank pressure that is regulated between 17 and 24 psi.
  • Both sprayer kits feature battery wall chargers and six nozzles for a wide range of spraying applications.
  • Weed prevention, fertilizing, pest control, water-based sealing and mildew removal is doable with Smith’s battery-operated sprayers from Rotary.
  • Sprayers are among more than 9,500 outdoor power equipment parts, tools and accessories listed in Rotary’s 2023 master catalog for dealers and distributors.
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