Build a Winning Culture, Up your Retention

A look at why building a winning culture is the key to employee retention.

Playing to employees' strengths when assigning routes and jobs is another factor in keeping those employees engaged and customers happy.
Playing to employees' strengths when assigning routes and jobs is another factor in keeping those employees engaged and customers happy.
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The Great Resignation has caused a crippling effect on employers and has led many to rethink how to create a healthy team culture and attractive career opportunities to recruit and retain equally committed team members. Taking a step back to build a winning culture can determine your success as a business and can make or break it in 2023.

Provide a clear career path

Having clear path-to-promotion transparency with both prospective and current employees gives them a peek into their future if they chose to invest their time and talent. Building your team with the end goal in sight and the road map to get there gives everyone on the team an opportunity to add value. People want to be able to picture their future with a company and the different types of roles and leadership positions available for them. This is an intriguing recruitment tool that is often overlooked. Companies need to show candidates a forward-looking path for how they can grow with an upward trajectory as an individual and what they mean for the brand as a whole.

Spend on recruitment

For many businesses, you have to spend money upfront to make money down the line. This needs to be the perspective when it comes to hiring, with the goal to not only hire high-quality workers, but to find people who will want to grow alongside the company. Upping the budget on recruitment and retention upfront enforces the ability to build a better team for your brand. This can also help minimize turnover and the time that is put into training new employees. If you invest in your employees' futures, they will reciprocate with dedication and loyalty to join you in every effort to move the needle for the business.

Company culture is how to compete: Encourage, listen and respond

Part of the this culture is encouraging a competitive work environment while ensuring that everyone is celebrated for their efforts. This positive environment improves overall brand success and fuels individual success. A score board can show off individual and team results to showcase progress and areas of opportunity to improve. Celebrating the wins to boost morale is vital, and so is learning from losses. Part of establishing the right culture starts with talking to employees about what they need and what they feel is lacking…and then make improvements from there. A brand’s employee culture is what sets a company apart from others companies in the space.

Playing to employees’ strengths to improve customer retention

Another strategy is to analyze why customers were choosing to discontinue their services and broke down every aspect. Categorize their reasons and preferred methods of communication and place employees that are stronger at solving specific problems in the right areas. Simply asking customers “have we solved your problem?” can help move mountains when it comes to customer service.

Community involvement

Getting more involved with the community can better integrate your company into its market and inspire employees to feel good about who they work for and the impact they can help make. Working with local charities and being a force for good in the community can help businesses become more attractive to potential employees and customers. 

Businesses that want to remain relevant to their employees and customers will have to make positive changes to position their brand in front of a changing workforce and consumer base. A winning culture can be the difference between financial struggles and thriving as a united front. When people are prioritized, profits follow.