PRODUCT REVIEW: Toro TurfMaster 30-inch Walk Mower

Louisiana contractor likes the deep deck and vacuuming action to make quick, clean work of sizable commercial properties that still need a lighter push mower.

Brandon Land, Year Round Lawn in West Monroe, LA
Brandon Land, Year Round Lawn in West Monroe, LA

Brandon Land, owner of Year Round Lawn in West Monroe, LA, picked up several new commercial accounts this year. He wanted to use a push mower on them, but they were sizable yards that required a little more productivity than a typical 21-inch push mower.

Land purchased the Toro TurfMaster 30-inch Walk Mower, designed for rugged commercial use, earlier this year from Ouachita Lawn & Garden, also in West Monroe. He says the productivity gains have been obvious. In addition to his new commercial properties, Land is also using the mower on other properties he’s maintained for years. “We were using smaller 21-inch mowers last year,” Land relates. “This year, we’re getting those lawns done in almost half the time with the 30-inch TurfMaster.”

Additionally, Land says the TurfMaster does a significantly better job at bagging than a traditional 21-inch mower. “I guess it’s because of the two-blade design,” Land says. “You’ll never find a cigarette butt or anything else left on one of our lawns,” Land says with a chuckle. “This mower gets great pull, and does a fantastic job at vacuuming.”

Land has also come to appreciate the TurfMaster’s unique two-point height-adjust feature, along with its 1.5- to 5-inch cut height. “I like to leave my St. Augustine grass a bit longer so it’s more resistant to disease and other stress,” Land explains. “This mower gives me the deck height of a bigger walk mower, but still with the (more narrow) cut swath, which is necessary on certain properties.”