Choose the Right Compact Tractor Attachments for Mowing

How to maximize productivity and return on investment with the right compact tractor attachments for mowing.

Three-point rotary cutter
Three-point rotary cutter
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Mowing is a cornerstone of most landscape maintenance programs. With so much time spent on this important task, ensuring overall efficiency is paramount in terms of budget and workforce utilization. These considerations will help landscape professionals choose the right compact tractor mower to maximize efficiency and achieve superior results.

Rotary mowers

When it comes to clearing overgrown areas quickly and efficiently, rotary mowers are indispensable tools in the landscaper's arsenal. These robust machines harness the power of the tractor's PTO to tackle tall grass and brush with ease, making quick work of even the most challenging terrain. While they may not deliver the precision of other mowers, their ability to handle rough conditions and saplings up to 1.5 inches thick is unparalleled.

Selecting the right rotary mower depends on your team's equipment and the scale of your projects. For tractors under 45 hp, a 48-inch model is ideal. Tractors between 20 and 50 hp can usually handle a 60-inch mower. Larger tractors up to 60 hp can benefit from a 72-inch rotary mower. Using the widest mower your tractor can handle will maximize your team’s productivity.

Work with knowledgeable manufacturers to ensure a proper match between carrier and mower. This might be through an existing dealer relationship or by taking advantage of robust online tools that can provide the perfect paring of machine and implement from any desktop or mobile device.

To maximize uptime, look for models that are easy to service in the field. Additionally, there is a significant upfront price difference between rotary mowers with a shear bolt design compared to a slip clutch. Both designs function to protect the gearbox and driveline when hitting rocks or other immovable debris. It comes down to a question of budget and which is better for your operation.

Finishing mowers

Precision is key when it comes to the immaculate lawn clients demand. Finishing mowers are the best option in this situation, offering sharp blades and superior control for pristine cuts every time. Equipped with features like caster wheels and a floating top link option, these mowers ensure an even cut over varied terrain while minimizing the risk of damage or gouging.

Here again, selecting the right size mower is crucial. Choose a width that minimizes passes without sacrificing maneuverability. These mowers typically have a cutting range from one to 4 or 5 inches, usually in one-half inch increments.

Sickle bar mowers

For landscape professionals seeking versatility and affordability without compromising on performance, sickle bar mowers make an excellent addition for your mower lineup. With their unique design featuring a long horizontal bar and serrated teeth, these mowers excel at cutting grass near the ground. These tools won’t be ideal for every team but provide great productivity and ROI in certain mowing applications.

Sickle bar mowers are available in widths from 5 to 7 feet. Whether navigating tight spaces or mowing under obstacles like fences, their low profile and offset design ensure precise control and efficient operation.

Mow money, not mow problems

In the competitive landscape industry, efficiency and productivity are paramount. Whether clearing overgrown areas, maintaining pristine lawns or tackling a range of landscaping tasks, selecting the right mower is essential for delivering superior results and exceeding client expectations.