Toddler Struck by Riding Mower

Young girl running around mowing site ends in catastrophe.

As reported by Fox 17 in Michigan, a 2-year-old girl suffered severe injuries after being struck by a lawnmower on September 15. The accident happened in Deerfield Township, MI.

According to the report, the little girl was running around a yard while a 31-year-old woman was mowing that yard with a riding mower. The woman did not see the little girl behind her, and struck the girl when reversing the mower.

This is a good reminder to always, always, always survey the area about to be mowed, and ensure that no people or pets—especially young children—are in the vicinity.

Also on the topic of mower safety, never ever give children rides on riding mowers. This is an age-old pastime in America, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t incredibly unsafe and, frankly, stupid. Riding mowers are for cutting grass—operative word “cutting”—meaning that there are sharp metal blades spinning at incredible speeds. Hence, a riding mower is not a recreational vehicle. Always use common sense, people.

Aside from always remaining alert and ensuring that people and pets are not in the mowing vicinity, here are some other mower safety tips to always keep in mind.