Reef Tropical Pool & Landscape Expands Operations to New Location

The plan is to be fully operational in the new building by the beginning of September 2017.

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Reef Tropical Pool & Landscape recently purchased 100 N. Krome Avenue, a 12,000-square-foot warehouse and office building on 2.2 acres in Florida City, Florida, off the corner of Palm Drive and Krome Avenue—2 blocks away from U.S. Route 1 and the Florida Turnpike.

Reef Tropical will be expanding its major operational departments of pool construction, pool repair, landscape maintenance, tree service and landscape installation into the new space. It will continue to fully use its existing space in Ocean Reef Club for certain operational divisions, along with customer service and sales.

This expansion was centered around the company’s need to grow beyond Monroe County into Miami-Dade for pool construction, repair and maintenance. In addition to this logistical requirement, Reef Tropical’s staff members, who live primarily in Miami-Dade County, will have a safer and easier commute to work. From this location, human resources can also recruit talented and experienced workers, vendors and subcontractors to serve its customers’ future needs.

“This expansion symbolizes the dedication and sacrifices of our staff over the past 20 years,” said Claude Kershner IV, president of Reef Tropical. Claude added, “Ocean Reef Club is our home base, and we will always have an office and a friendly face for our customers there. Yet, the Florida City location makes perfect sense for vehicle and equipment parking, deliveries, storage, proximity to our staff and new team member recruitment.” Management and staff at Reef Tropical share similar excitement and hope for the future with this vision.

The plan is to be fully operational in the new building by the beginning of September 2017. There will be an open house and ribbon cutting shortly thereafter. New relationships with local politicians and charitable organizations are already being formed.

Claude Kershner III, CEO of Reef Tropical, said, “We are so excited about this new building and what it means for our team. We have a major opportunity to not only better service our customer base, but also contribute towards the economy and betterment of Florida City.” He added, “Our legacy at Reef Tropical lies in the people we serve, which includes our staff, our community and our customers. This building will be a major stepping stone in Reef Tropical’s quest to serve.”