Simplicity Adds Power Steering to Select Riding Mowers

Briggs & Stratton Corporation is upgrading select Simplicity tractor models to include power steering for intricate landscapes and a new hydraulic lift system

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Briggs & Stratton Corporation is expanding the Simplicity Broadmoor tractor offering and is upgrading select Simplicity tractor models to include power steering for effortless and precise steering for intricate landscapes and a new hydraulic lift system. Upgraded Simplicity tractors feature field and track rear tread patterns for enhanced traction, redesigned instrument dash panel, and high-back cut and sew seats for increased comfort and efficiency while mowing.

“In a recent survey, we learned that when people look at a freshly manicured lawn, they look at the stripes,” said Christin Wam, marketing manager for turf and consumer products at Briggs & Stratton. “People depend on Simplicity mowers to achieve a perfectly manicured, striped lawn, and the new features enhance the mowing experience.”

Hydraulic Lift and Power Steering Systems

Simplicity’s new hydraulic lift system includes an electro-hydraulic actuator that delivers the power and speed of a traditional hydraulic system without the additional maintenance. The hydraulic lift has a streamlined function with an easy-to-access lever to raise and lower the mower deck and attachments for easy operation. The new power steering option gives operators more control to mow intricate landscapes with precision. Engineers rigorously tested the new systems to ensure they withstand the harshest of environments. New power steering and electric lift systems will be available on the following models:

  • Broadmoor 25/52
  • Conquest SCS
  • Prestige SCS


Powered by a 23-gross-hp Briggs & Stratton Professional Series V-Twin Engine, the newest Broadmoor has a 48-in. free floating fabricated cutting deck to help homeowners achieve a cut quality above the rest. Equipped with Simplicity’s new power steering system, electric height of cut, and the iconic ground-following mower deck, operators will appreciate the smooth ride experience that the new Broadmoor delivers. Priced at $3,999, this model will deliver comfort, a premium mowing experience and a high-quality cut.

“Select mowers feature a redesigned instrument panel to ensure controls are within reach, such as the new electric height-of-cut switch,” said Wam. “Additionally, our engineers have tightened the turning radius on select Conquest and Prestige models from 30 to 18 inches for greater maneuverability around complex landscaping.”


    Simplicity zero turn mower upgrades include larger durable front caster tires for improved comfort on rough terrain and new rear tread patterns for enhanced traction on select models:

    • Courier Zero Turn Mower – increased to 11- by 6-in. front caster tires
    • Contender XT Zero Turn Mower – increased front caster tires to 13- by 6 1/2-in.
    • Citation XT and Cobalt™ Zero Turn Mower – new rear tire tread pattern for increased traction