ATV-driven Plow, Spreader Can Help with Sidewalk Clearing

Path Pro plow and Base Line-125 spreader are ideal for sidewalks and other tight areas not suitable for a plow truck.

Meyer Path Pro Plow

Meyer Products offers two products—the Path Pro plow and Base Line-125 spreader—that are designed to turn any ATV into a winter workhorse.

The Path Pro plow is ideal for clearing sidewalks or other tights areas not suitable for a plow truck. “Our research is telling us that grounds maintenance professionals who need to clear a lot of walkways could really use high-quality snow removal equipment for ATVs, and that is our aim with the Meyer Path Pro,” says Andy Outcalt, president of Meyer Products.

Some contractors could find that the Path Pro is also useful in clearing residential driveways or even smaller parking lots. However, Marty Warchola, Meyer’s vice president of engineering, says that it’s probably not the best choice in those applications. “Technically, it can be used there, but it is most likely not economical from a time/manpower/equipment use standpoint,” Warchola points out.

Nonetheless, Path Pro is a commercial-grade, full-trip plow available in 50-, 60- or 72-inch widths. It features highway-inspired flared wings that scoop and funnel snow faster and farther. Plus, the plow’s 65° attack angle scrapes the surface more cleanly than standard straight blades. The height and attack angle of the moldboard provides optimum funnel action, discharging snow faster and more efficiently.

Path Pro also features Self Angling, which senses which side of the plow is gathering the most snow, then automatically angles the blade in that direction. Operators also have the option of locking the plow in one of five positions.

The up-down movement of the Path Pro is provided manually or remotely. Sold separately, a manual lift kit allows the operator easy access to a lift arm that lifts or drops the moldboard. An electric winch, recommended by an ATV dealer, can also lift/drop the moldboard.

Path Pro is backed by a five-year full warranty with an online registration. It’s made of 14-gauge, high-tensile steel and features a heavy-duty push frame, trip springs and grease zerks. The universal mount is forged of dual-walled tubular steel, and is sealed in a rust-resistant, high-strength coating. Path Pro moldboards are manufactured with pre-drilled holes, making it easy to add a snow deflector, eliminating time when adding this important safety feature.

Meyer Products’ BL-125 tailgate spreader, backed by a one-year warranty, is an economical, full-functioning spreader to mount on the back of an ATV. Its low profile allows salt, calcium chloride, fertilizer and seed to disperse closer to the ground, providing better control of material output.

At the heart of the BL-125 is an elevated heavy-duty electric motor built to withstand the harshest winter conditions. A fitted rubber cover seals the motor, protecting it and the drive system from the elements, ensuring reliable performance. A poly weather cap keeps precipitation and moisture out for clump-free spreading. Weighing only 30 pounds, the BL-125 spreader arrives already assembled, making installation quick and easy.