The Benefits of Carbide for Plow Blade Longevity

The right blade will increase wear life and reduce the time spent changing them. While carbide blades are more expensive than steel, the cost of these blades can be justified in the long run.

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When selecting the right snow plow for the job, it’s important to consider the blade you’re using to scrape up the snow and ice. Whether you need to remove snow and ice from your driveway or clear miles of highway lanes, it’s the snow plow blade that really gets the job done.

Carbide insert blades are the cream of the crop when talking snow plow cutting edge blades. They have the cutting power of steel with a vastly increased life expectancy compared to other blades. Carbide insert blades are fantastic for medium-high speed plowing on road surfaces with few obstructions. These conditions are ideal because the medium-high speed reduces impact on the blade, preventing brittle carbide to crack and wash out.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of carbide and why it brings plow blade longevity to plows.

Longer Wear Life

As previously mentioned, carbide is a long-lasting blade. On average, carbide blades have seven times more wear lifespan than traditional steel blades. Carbide blades can endure much heavier use than conventional snow plow blades and generally last much longer if the snow plow is maintained properly. This means fewer replacements,  and they don’t require as much maintenance, which saves more money on the job.

Even Wear

Carbide is a hard material, meaning it will most likely break before it wears down. This is why most carbide blade users protect their investment with a steel cover blade and plow guards. Carbide cutting edges will wear evenly across the blade and maintain a sharp cutting edge. Because they maintain a sharp edge, this makes them highly effective for ice removal. Ice is no match for these high-performing blades.

Saves Time

Because the blades last longer and wear more evenly, operators can spend less time changing blades and more time out on the roads pushing snow. This is especially important during heavy snowstorms as the time required to change a snow plow blade can make all the difference. In the first couple hours it’s required to change a blade, roads and sidewalks could become blocked and create problems once the plow is ready to clear the snow and ice. 

When you’re choosing snow plow blades for your fleet, it is important to consult with professionals who ask the right questions to match the best product to your needs. Not selecting the right blade will increase your overall maintenance costs. The right blade will increase wear life and reduce the time spent changing them.