Top Five Requested Snowplows

A list of the top five requested snowplows from SnowPRO Volume One.

Pro Plus Straight Blade
Pro Plus Straight Blade

These are the top five plows for which contractors requested additional information. See what products they are eying up for a potential purchase. Plows appeared in the 2012 Vol. One SnowPRO.

The Boss Snowplow7-foot 6-inch Power-V XT

New in 2012 for 4x4, 1/2- to 1-ton trucks and SUVs, The Boss Snowplow introduces a 7’6” Power-V XT Plow. This plow size is intended for 1/2-ton trucks which do not have the capacity to handle 8- and 9-foot Power-V XTs.

Buyers Products Co. - SnowDogg Municipal Plows with Trip Edge

The trip edge plow is a new addition to the existing line of full-trip reversible plows, available in standard rolled carbon steel or optional stainless moldboard for easier snow removal as well as extended plow life.

Western Products - Pro Plus Straight Blade

Western Products says its Pro Plus straight blade is built to handle the most punishing applications. It’s ideal for heavy-duty commercial and municipal use.

Blizzard Snowplows - Power Plow

Blizzard says its Power Plow can hydraulically expand its moldboard width at the touch of a button to efficiently match any plowing situation. Choose from four primary wing positions.

 Fisher Engineering - XtremeV V-Plow

Fisher says its 7.5- to 9.5-foot XtremeV V-plow allows contractors to quickly handle even the toughest jobs. A big reason why is the plow’s fast hydraulics and operating speeds.