IMA Select Solves Lawn Buddy’s Common Gig Economy Problem

New business management software provides insurance for providers of lawn and snow-removal services.

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A common problem facing gig economy companies is being solved for one startup. IMA Select LLC, in partnership with Lawn Buddy, is launching a streamlined insurance application process for Lawn Buddy’s technology lawn-care and snow-removal online platform. This new insurance option lets Lawn Buddy’s team of professionals quickly protect their assets as independent contractors, according to an announcement made by IMA Select, an insurance advisor for businesses and individuals.

The insurance solution addresses one of the main factors preventing people from growing a part-time hobby into a legitimate small business.

“Lawn Buddy is growing rapidly across the country and insurance is one of the top questions we always get from participants,” said Lawn Buddy Founder Steven Werner. “Now, lawn care professionals can more easily turn their side hustle into a potential six-figure salary by connecting with property owners who expect the work to meet essential business standards.”

The proprietary technology significantly reduces the barriers to partner with Lawn Buddy. Within the company portal, professionals can select the coverage that is right for them from IMA Select’s carrier partners. IMA Select then identifies a carrier and protection appropriate for their business needs, and the professional can receive confirmation of insurance within one business day of the request.

The need for immediate business services is the new normal. As more companies come online to connect independent contractors with customers who are accustomed to ordering from a mobile device, those services are more regularly going to be performed by a freelancer. A recent Intuit study estimates that 43 percent of the U.S. economy is going to be made up of independent contractors by 2020—all of whom should have insurance.

“When Lawn Buddy and IMA Select started working together, it was clear from the beginning we had an opportunity to do something innovative,” said IMA Select President Brian Sandy. “This is an example of how we provide clear protections in the form of insurance and we know our work with Lawn Buddy will translate to other companies that require expedited insurance for their teams of third-party contractors.”