Winter Equipment Launches New Website

New Winter Equipment website offers customers more functionality, better navigation and easy access to demos and quotes

Winter Equipment New Website2021
Winter Equipment
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Winter Equipment recently launched a new website to improve its customers’ experience and provide better functionality.

The new mobile-friendly website’s navigation has been improved to provide multiple options for users to gain more information on the products they are looking for. Users are able to request a quote or schedule a virtual or live demo via Zoom or FaceTime quickly and easily, prompting a customer representative to connect.

“We wanted our website to better align with our customers’ needs and provide the industry’s most complete snowplow cutting edge information in one place,” said Kent Winter, founder and CEO of Winter Equipment. “Increasing the overall user experience was the number one priority.”

According to Winter Equipment, the site’s redesign addresses all levels of expertise, providing a comprehensive source of information on on snowplow cutting edges, from applications (DOT, highway, rural road, parking lots) to materials (carbide and rubber) and blade types.

Product category pages on the site encourages visitors to compare products to see which blade is best suited for their application. In addition, fitment charts have been added for popular commercial contractor products, such as the Vulcan v-plow system, Pegasus expandable plow system, Xtendor guards and the MoDUS pusher box cutting edges.

Winter Equipment says it developed its new website after studying user metrics and obtaining feedback from customers. The site will be monitored for user interaction to make continual improvements, as necessary.