Why It's Never Too Late to Train Your Crews

An explanation of why landscape companies should invest in proper crew training now to set themselves up for success in the future.

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Landscaping companies across North America are in the middle of the busiest season of the year. Keeping up with demand can seem like an impossible task, and if you’re struggling there’s likely one reason why. To succeed, landscape professionals must be dedicated to the training and professional development of your employees.

It’s never too late to start, and it’s less time consuming than you might think.

Empower your teams, grow your company

When you onboard a new member onto your team, you’re not merely assigning them a job—you’re setting them on a career path. Aim to immediately empower them with skills, knowledge and opportunities for growth. Give them a workplace where each day they get closer to goals like higher wages and more responsibility.

Every employee is a vital part of your company’s ecosystem; their growth is directly proportional to the growth of the company. Begin prioritizing their development on day one. By investing in your teams today, you ensure a successful and safe working environment, one where talent is nurtured, valued and continually developed.

When you use training and mentorship programs, you make employees feel valued and cared for. And, when the pressure to get jobs done is at a peak during busy season, if your employees feel valued, you’re less likely to find yourself understaffed. You may also have an easier time attracting new hires.

Training employees now means less turnover

Finding skilled, hardworking individuals is a challenge, and it's even harder in the landscape industry. 

Landscape companies can meet this challenge head on with a training program that meets individuals where they’re at with whatever work experience they have. With a structured, systematic approach to training, almost anyone can develop into a skilled pro.

Prioritizing professional development has far-reaching effects. Not only does it strengthen the skills of our teams, but it also instills a greater sense of confidence in their work. Landscape companies want employees to know that they are invested in their future and committed to helping them carve a fulfilling, rewarding career path.

The use of an online training platform makes this process remarkably efficient, helping landscapers save valuable time while continually raising the bar for the quality of our services. By using online training programs, what previously required hours of attention and time away from the jobsite becomes an easy-to-manage task that employees can accomplish anywhere in a fraction of the time.

Training keeps employees safe, reduces mistakes

Safety is a priority in our field, and proper training is the best defense against workplace accidents. Documenting crew training is also a proactive measure that provides protection in the unlikely event of an injury.

Training reduces on-the-job mistakes that can lead to expensive rework. A well-trained crew knows exactly what to do on a jobsite and how to do it well. To hire people and expect them to know what to do without proper guidance is a recipe for failure.

Start training today

Even during the busiest time of the year, don’t downplay the importance of a solid training program. The investment you make now will save you time and money in the future.

Invest in training today, and you'll see the rewards tomorrow, not just in your bottom line, but in the growth, safety and satisfaction of your team. Let’s cultivate our teams and our industry together.