Bipartisan Support Garnered to Fund Superstorm Sandy Yard Repair

Nassau County officials throw bipartisan support behind re-establishment of Clean and Seed Program to replace lawns destroyed by Superstorm Sandy.

In the months following Superstorm Sandy in the fall of 2012, officials in Nassau County, NY, approved a $2 million program to clean up and replace lawns damaged by the flooding. Unfortunately, that $2 million didn’t go very far. The well had run dry after the first 200 lawns were replaced. The problem was that there were nearly 1,500 more to go.

County officials have now approved a plan to borrow $14.4 million to re-establish the program and finish what was started. The program received bipartisan support.

The Clean and Seed Program aims to clean up the sidewalks and driveways on a homeowner’s property, replace the first 3 inches of topsoil in the lawn, and then re-seed the lawn.

The lawn replacements are being handled by a company called UniTech Services Group, an environmental services company specializing in lead, mold and asbestos removal. A third party then inspects the work to make sure it has been done properly.

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