Entrepreneurs Start a Robotic Lawn Care Service

We've heard of an robot lawn mower, but a robotic lawn service is the first of its kind.

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You’re probably used to asking Siri for your calendar on your phone, getting Alexa to order the laundry detergent from Amazon or even have Wi-Fi-enabled light bulbs and security systems in your house.

But, what if your smart home reached beyond your home's walls and into the yard? If it’s up to Dallas, Texas-based start-up Robin Autopilot, robots mowing your lawn will be common practice sooner rather than later.

Bart Lomont—an Air Force veteran who moved to Dallas to be with his wife—and business partner Justin Crandall launched the first robotic lawn care service.

It started in 2015 as an Uber-for-Lawns business model, but the duo sold their gas-powered equipment just over a year ago to become a service built around robots.

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