Ready to Learn

Green Industry Pros Editor Sarah Webb discusses what's new with the magazine and sheds light on where it's going moving forward.

Sarah Webb Headshot

Hi, everyone. My name is Sarah Webb, and I’m thrilled to be serving as editor of Green Industry Pros        

I come from a background in B2B publishing, focusing on the green and golf course industries. I previously worked as the managing editor for the Landscape ManagementGolfdom and Athletic Turf brands. Prior to that, I graduated from Wittenberg University, where I studied journalism and Spanish. Following graduation, I spent a semester teaching English in La Bañeza, Spain, and interned at Cleveland Magazine, covering the latest happenings across the Cleveland area, where I currently reside.

When I first started my career in the B2B publishing industry as an associate editor, I had very little knowledge of the landscaping and golf course worlds, if any at all.

I soon realized my new role would require me to consistently step out of my comfort zone and get used to asking “why.”

With this mentality, I dove in headfirst and leaned into the idea of “learning as you go,” complete with trade shows, conferences and media days. While learning the ins and outs of mowers, skid steers and dollar spot, I’ve developed a passion for the B2B magazine world. I love the “aha” feeling of information clicking into place at a product demo, the camaraderie of collaborating with industry peers, the idea that whole magazines are published about topics that the average person takes for granted.

Over the course of my time with those previous publications, I became more comfortable with the industries audiences and industries I was serving, accumulating thousands of minutes worth of phone interviews, traveling to Orlando, Boston, San Diego and many places in between and writing hundreds of articles. All of that felt like a far cry from the first time I’d visited a landscaping facility in the Northeast Ohio area, not knowing anyone in or anything about the industry. 

As I delve into this new role, I’m looking forward to getting to know you, our readers, and learning more about your challenges and successes as I work with the rest of the Green Industry Pros team to help revitalize the brand and provide fresh content across our print and digital channels.

Already, you may notice some changes this month as we've worked to streamline and label our sections, making them more reader friendly. We also plan to cover hot topics such as business management solutions and the latest equipment, showcase successful projects completed by our readers and, to round out the issue, profile different landscape pros each month to find out what makes them tick. Be sure to also check out our cover story on page 12 to learn all about the latest in robotic mower technology.

Please feel free to reach out to me via email at [email protected] or on LinkedIn with story ideas, tips, questions and more. I'm looking forward to connecting with you!