Syngenta Manuscript Herbicide

Mature weeds have met their match with Manuscript

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Manuscript herbicide is a highly active, post-emergence herbicide that controls mature, grassy weeds in certain warm-season grasses on golf courses, residential and commercial lawns, sod farms and sports turf. With Manuscript, you can get application flexibility you need to treat mature weed.  

  • Formulated with a built-in, proprietary safener to enhance performance and turf safety.
  • Consistent control on mature, grassy weeds
  • Applications recommended during the summer between end of May and beginning of September when Desirable turf is actively growing and fills in voids after weeds are controlled.
  • May be applied as a broadcast treatment for control of bull/thin paspalum.
  • Spot treatments recommended for difficult-to-control weeds like tropical signalgrass and crabgrass breakouts.
  • Active ingredient is pinoxaden, which is rapidly absorbed and translocated to the growing points of weed foliage for improved safety and resistance management.
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