Homeowners Have New Tool to Incinerate Yard Debris

The BurnCage from DR Power Equipment provides an easier, safer means of burning away yard debris.

BurnCage from DR Power Equipment
BurnCage from DR Power Equipment
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DR Power Equipment has introduced the BurnCage, a new home and garden incinerator that eliminates all the shortcomings of burning in a traditional burn barrel.

For years, homeowners have relied on backyard burning in steel barrels to eliminate items such as sensitive financial documents and yard debris. Although 55-gallon steel barrels may seem like safe receptacles to contain a fire, DR Power Equipment says they were designed for chemical and hazardous waste storage.

“Burn barrels are a nuisance to property owners,” said DR Power Equipment product manager Carl Eickenberg. “These barrels rust, are unpleasant to look at, and don’t provide a safe enclosure to contain flying embers. The new BurnCage is easy to use, much safer than a burn barrel, and has perforations for more thorough burning with easier cleanup. And it doesn’t rust and become an eyesore like an oil drum.”

Features of the BurnCage include:

  • Can burn in excess of 1600° F
  • Measures 35" x 20" x 20"
  • Optional ash catcher for easy cleanup
  • Collapsible design
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